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For Just $199.00 per month and a one time set-up fee of $299.00
Includes Deluxe Business Website + Mobile Website
And It Includes A Promotional Video Commercial
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Boost Conversion....

Our Mobile Websites combined with our Promotional Video Commercials are a hit with all small businesses and before we started making them nobody knew what they were, now they're all the rage! Our Promotional Video Commercials are the HIGHEST converting form of video ads. They let you LOWER your ad spend while INCREASING your conversions. The only way you get paid online is when people see and ACT on your messages. Sounds simple, but lately it’s become a lot harder. People are blasted with so much content they ignore over 90% of it. Prospects have become “skimmers” - scrolling through websites and newsfeeds until something practically jumps out of the screen at them. Our Mobile Websites have put an end to scrolling and pinching when trying to view a website on a mobile device.

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The game is changing...

Traditional marketing messages like text or image ads … even most video ads … are getting ignored. Click rates are dropping, costs are rising. Search engines and social networks has shifted the formula by which it sorts your News Feed to prioritize video over outbound links... You can see this on Facebook, as much as anywhere else. See the chart on the right for the result of a recent study on facebook

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Text Only Post CTR, Reach & Engagement


Link Post CTR, Reach & Engagement


Image Post CTR, Reach & Engagement


Video Post CTR, Reach & Engagement


Short Animated Video Post  CTR, Engagement

Stats Don't Lie...

Video is 12x more likely to be watched than text is read... 
This results in your message being seen by more people and 
ultimately increase in conversion for same time, energy and budget. 


Viewers retain 95% of your message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading in a text.


1 in 3 persons online want to see more video content from marketers.


33% of online activity is spent watching videos. Internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer internet traffic 
in 2019 (KPMG)... Meaning if you want traffic to your offers, video is the way to go.


52% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of ad with the best ROI. 
71% of businesses advertising online plan to increase their video marketing budget. 
87% of online marketers use video content...

now is the time

The growth of video consumption on the Internet shows no signs of slowing down, so hop onboard, and give your consumers the content they really want... and sky rocket your conversion.

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Having A Promotional Video Commercial Trumps All

Promotional Video Commercials that are less than 90 seconds get the most engagement and sees an average retention rate of 53% but videos greater than 10 mins had retiontion rates less than 10%. 75% of viewers always take one action or the other after viewing an animated or live actor video ad... 1 in 3 consumers prefers to watch videos if they are less than 60 seconds. Click to see demo of what our videos can do.

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This is NOT one of our sample videos but Only A Short Demo of What Our Videos Can Do

How It Works


1. Request For Quote 
& Initial Consultation

Fill our request for quotation for or call us on Tel: +1(541) 429-1979 . You will be assigned to a consultant. We don’t force square pegs into round holes… and no 2 business is the same. We need to have a session with you and understand your campaign and business objectives. Then you get a quote and proceed to make payment. 

What's on your mind?


1. Video Production

Our team of copywriters and digital marketers will craft the perfect message for your video ads that fits your campaign and business objectives. Our in house video production team will create your Promotional Video Commercial with the message script and a complimentary background music. Choose from over 300 sample videos in our library or we will make a custom video just for you! 

We'll let you choose your own style of Intro and Outro then we'll animate your logo and give your business video commercial a great introduction and close with a strong call to action that will your potential customers filling out their request for a quote in less than 60 seconds.

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3. Review & Delivery

We will send a preview of the work for your team to review all throughout the production process. We do all corrections after the review by your team until you are satisfied. We provide you with a URL to your video for easy sharing on any social network site and we upload it to YouTube, LinkedIn, Stumbleupon, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Blogger. 

After we get finished with the final draft, we arrange an hour long phone appointment with you to go over your Deluxe Business Website page by page, word by word, to make sure everything is perfect before we make it go live and submit it to the search engines. We create your xml site map, meta tags, do your keyword research for you and create your robots text file and hook up your autoresponder and delivery system. We do it all for you, no technical knowledge needed, and we speak human so you'll know exactly what we're saying.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If at any point in the process you’re unhappy for ANY reason, you can cancel the project and get a FULL refund...with absolutely no hassle from us. This takes ALL the risk off of you, and forces us to DELIVER on what we promise.

Choose From Any Video Style You've Seen At: SmallBusinessVideoPro.com

No need to ask us whether we can make a video in a style you've seen. We can do it all! 2D animation, 3D animation, white board hand sketch, professional styles, motion graphics, live action...
you name it - we can do it!

After selecting your video, choose from over 100 different eye-popping Intro's and Outro's to liven up your commercial and grab their attention within the firt few seconds. Then order your video, send us your logo, business name, and we'll get started on your package deal.

Unlimited Revisions at Every Stage

Make as many changes as you need at every stage of the process without feeling constrained to any limits. We don't move on to the next stage until you're 100% happy. No limits or extra fees for wanting to make more changes. We wont proceed to the next stage in production until you have signed off on the current stage. You are updated after any revision to make sure we got it right. We want to make sure you are 100% satisfied before we make your final video. We do the same with your website too, you are on the phone with us while we go through the website page by page with you, making any little tweaks and adjustments along the way.

Best Quality & Service to Price Ratio

We challenge you to find an option that will provide you with the same level of quality, service, features, unlimited revisions, guarantee, and bonuses...for the super affordable prices we offer. If you find it, we'd love to know!

Remember, you're getting a Deluxe Website, a Mobile Site, and a Promotional Video Commercial, so we know for a fact that you wont find another deal like this anywhere online, we already checked. No matter if you purchase it outright for $1295.00 or get it on our low monthly lease option at $199.00 per month, nobody can even come close to our quality at a low entry price like this.

There are no contracts, we just give you the best bang for your buck and top quality service that can't be beat, providing you with a complete online business system that will bring you more customers.


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It’s time you got the conversions 
you deserve from your ads.

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